Web & Application Development

                The need of the hour is for customized applications that can solve business challenges and adapt to changing business needs. Consors is closely engaged with global enterprises in building such applications. Our Application Development and Management services are strategic, in that we work closely with customer’s business functions.


                If you have a product or a service, you must have the required strategy to face the existing intense market competition, and new entrants as well. Branding your product is quite significant for the growth of your business, and it's a lengthy procedure. It's not just a slogan or a logo.

e-Commerce Services and Solutions

                The rapid adoption of smart mobile devices for content browsing and increasingly, commerce transactions, and the use of social media to seek and express opinions in almost real time pose new challenges to businesses that offer online shopping. How does one engage effectively with consumers who are asking for advice on what to buy from complete strangers on social networking sites?.

Mobile App Development

                We know that the world of mobile application development is changing continuously and new platforms are being introduced on regular basis. That’s why we have dared to invest in specialized resources to provide in-house expertise to our clients out there. Our global customers can easily rely on our commendable mobile apps solutions..

Enterprise Resource Planning

                ERP is generally called as a business management software that allows an organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business.ERP is built in an idea to support the business organizations as well as small and midsize companies ERP software integrates all facets of an operation, including sales and marketing.